Are you looking for a different kind of running event, perhaps something that will challenge not only your speed and endurance but also your brain? Then ORIENTEERING is for you!
Come learn the thinking person's sport. Learn the basics of orienteering.
What is orienteering? It's a cross between a running race and a treasure hunt, using a map and sometimes a compass. The goal is to find all the correct control points in the proper order for your course as fast as you can. Where your brain comes in is the strategy - run directly to a control point, bushwhacking / climbing / wading along the way? or stay on a trail / path system and cut in at the "right" place? Better check the map before deciding! If you're an adventure racer, and even if you're not, orienteering will help you hone your map and compass skills. If you need some motivation to get yourself off your couch, this is it!
Take this challenge, on this map of a recent advanced course, how would you go from Control 2 to 3? How about from 8 to 9?
2015 Season Dates:
Date Time Place Director
January Nothing planned
Feb 24, Tuesday 7:00 PM Annual planning meeting! This is for anyone interested in Orienteering. See Facebook for details and to RSVP Ian Hoag
March or April Tooele Need director

Late April

Alex Hopp

May Nothing planned
June 6, Saturday Kaysville Steve Normann
July 11, Saturday Hidden Valley Darren Stanger
August 8, Saturday Brighton Bob Huebner, Janice Gardner
September Nothing planned
October Nothing planned
November Nothing planned
December Nothing planned

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