Club Officers


Ian Hoag, President


Current Vacancy, Treasurer


Fletcher Hamel, VP | Marketing & WEB


Bob Huebner, Director of MappinG


Meet Directors

Doug Bergman
Paul Child
Harrison Colter

Janice Gardner
Darin Garrett
Fletcher Hamel

Jan Havlas
Ian Hoag
Abi Holt
Alex Hopp
Bob Huebner

Steve Normann
Aaron Ogden
Darren Stanger

Past Presidents

Suellen Riffkin
Kent Thygerson


Get Involved

Volunteers are needed and welcome at meets. Help us out with event registration, course clean up, and more! Reach out to us through Facebook or our contact form indicating your interest in joining us in sharing this sport with our local community and subscribe to our mailing list below. We send a reminder email about upcoming events once a month.