Web & Video

There are many web sites, books, and videos about Orienteering. The top two websites are:

Search "orienteering" on YouTube for helpful videos.

There are clubs in Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, and other surrounding states if you're traveling and want to keep orienteering. 

Listed below are some websites and apps to learn more about orienteering:

An orienteer in Germany created these resources: 

Mobile Apps

  • O-Symbols is an iOS app to learn control symbols. More info is located here or search for O-Symbols in the App Store.
  • oSymbols is another iOS app to learn both control symbols and map symbols. It has pictures as examples. Find it in the App Store.

Compass Info


Some of the following link to commercial websites that Orienteering Utah does not endorse and is not affiliated with. They are for informational purposes only.